Inclusion at CYBG

At CYBG, inclusion is at the heart of our culture. It’s written into our values. This is because we are striving to build a workforce which reflects the diversity of our customers, helping us to better understand their needs, make more informed decisions, build stronger relationships, and tap into new ideas and innovation. As part of our inclusion strategy, we want to build a truly inclusive culture, where every colleague and customer feels they belong. This is why we have embedded inclusion within all the key drivers of cultural change including: performance; selection; values and behaviours; and development.

We are committed to delivering our inclusion strategy and are serious about the work we are doing to be recognised as an inclusive, customer focused organisation both inside and out.

The sections below detail some of the important work we are undertaking to bring our inclusion strategy to life:

We are going beyond diversity to really build an environment where every colleague can be comfortable and confident
Kate Guthrie, Group Human Resources Director

Leading inclusion at CYBG

Reflecting the importance of inclusion to our organisation, members of our Leadership Team are Executive Sponsors of the strategy. This means our Leadership Team are active role models, allies and advocates of our inclusion strategy, securing support from across all parts of our organisation. They also provide important visibility and support for our Colleague Network Groups for Gender, Age, Disability, Ethnicity and Sexual Orientation, unlocking access across the organisation and acting as ambassadors for our Group externally.

Our Executive Sponsors and our Group HR Director also act as our steering group for inclusion. While each has their own individual areas of focus, all Leadership Team members actively support and drive inclusion at CYBG.

Board Diversity and Inclusion

As a Board, we are committed to delivering our inclusion strategy and although new appointments are always based on merit, careful consideration is given to the benefits of improving and complementing the diversity, skills, experience and knowledge of the Board.

The Board’s Governance and Nomination Committee will make sure that the Board is made up of competent colleagues with the necessary balance of diversity, skills and experience required to ensure that the Board can function effectively.

As part of our commitment to our inclusion strategy, we are building strong female representation at all levels within the Group – including at Board, executive and senior management levels. We are proud to have signed up to the Women in Finance Charter which reflects our commitment to build strong female representation at all levels without out organisation. We have set measurable objectives for achieving gender diversity, and our progress towards achieving these objectives is reported to the Board.

A at 30 September 2018, the percentage of female representation on the Board was 27% (based on three female Directors and eight male Directors) which has since risen to 31% (based on four female Directors and nine male Directors). It is the Board’s intention that this proportion improves even further and our target is to achieve 33% by 2020, achieved through the natural cycle of Board renewal. Notwithstanding our gender diversity target, Board composition is based on meritocracy. CYBG also has a target of 40% women in senior management roles by 2020 as part of Women in Finance Charter commitments.

It is CYBG’s intention to broaden diversity on the Board beyond gender diversity alone, to reflect the communities in which the Bank operates and serves.

The Board Composition and Renewal Policy sets out the Board’s approach to inclusion. Under the policy, the Governance and Nomination Committee is responsible for reviewing the composition of the Group’s Boards to ensure that their membership is diverse. A separate Diversity and Inclusion Policy applies to all colleagues across the Group.

Our Inclusion Steering Group Members

Kate Guthrie

Kate Guthrie
Group Human Resources Director

Inclusion is integral to who we are at CYBG. We are going beyond diversity to really build an environment where every colleague can be comfortable, be confident and be at their best at work. We firmly believe that creating an inclusive workplace is good for us, for our colleagues and for our customers.

Our Colleague Network Groups play an important role in making sure our colleagues feel included, engaged and supported. They offer advice, support, guidance, and facilitate many events and activities to help our desire to be recognised as an inclusive bank both inside and out.

Enda Johnson

Enda Johnson
Group Corporate Development Director

As we focus on becoming a truly inclusive business, one that is fully reflective of our customers, it’s important we are creating opportunities for long term personal and career development, celebrating achievements and supporting the gender balance and inclusion strategy. In support of this, I'm proud to sponsor our Balance Colleague Network Group. This Group plays a vital role in encouraging, supporting and mentoring all our colleagues and ensuring we are a modern and diverse employer.

I am also CYBG’s Women in Finance Charter Executive Sponsor. I am an admirer of the ambitions of the Women in Finance Charter and I’m thrilled to be able to offer my support in my role as Sponsor to help shape the future direction of our organisation.

Fraser Ingram

Fraser Ingram
Acting Group Chief Operating Officer

“I am delighted to be the sponsor of Aspire. I started in Banking as a trainee bank officer in 1984 and have received lots of support and opportunity during my career. Developing our skills and experience helps deliver our ambition of becoming a true national competitor. People have different needs as they move through their career and being part of the Aspire network can help colleagues reach their full potential.”

James Peirson

James Peirson
Group General Counsel

Continuing our focus on supporting inclusion across our organisation, I am delighted to be the Sponsor for disability, enablement and health, working closely with our Enable Colleague Network Group, focusing on understanding more about the disability and health issues experienced by colleagues and customers, and driving initiatives to help make CYBG an inclusive bank for all.

Enable provides support and advice for colleagues and their families contending with, or affected by, a range of disabilities or ill health. Our ultimate goal is to make our organisation one where doing business is easy and straightforward for everyone.

Mark Thundercliffe

Mark Thundercliffe
Group Chief Risk Officer

I am very proud to be the Sponsor of our Ethnicity Colleague Network Group, Embrace. We work closely to support initiatives that take positive action in making CYBG inclusive for all. My career has taken me to many countries throughout the world and realise the importance of having the knowledge of different values, beliefs and cultures and the opportunities this can bring. The ethnic makeup of the UK is evolving significantly and therefore it is vital we all support and gain a better understanding of the individual needs of our colleagues, as well as our existing and potential new customers from a developing multi-cultural population.

Fergus Murphy

Fergus Murphy
Group Customer Value Director

As the proud sponsor of our Vibrant (LGBT) Colleague Network Group, I am a firm believer that everyone should have the same opportunities, regardless of sexual orientation, gender, ethnicity, faith or disability. With the Vibrant Network, I help to drive sponsorship and support projects and initiatives across the organisation and be an ambassador for the Bank, helping to build our reputation and learn from the outside.

Including everyone at CYBG

At CYBG, our focus is creating an inclusive culture because we firmly believe this approach is reflective of our customers and of society as a whole. We are working to create an environment where people feel comfortable to be themselves, to ask questions and be curious. This is why we have built inclusion into our values and behaviours. We want colleagues to feel empowered, use their initiative, solve problems and contribute to our organisation. Importantly, we need people to feel able to bring their whole self to work. We encourage all colleagues to join our Colleague Network Groups for Gender, Age, Disability, Ethnicity and Sexual Orientation as they provide the opportunity for colleagues to support, include, connect and share.

Further training

In addition to our Colleague Network Groups, we provide everyone with the opportunity to complete unconscious bias training – a safe environment in which they can identify their own unconscious bias and explore ways to overcome it.

We work closely with recruitment agencies to ensure the candidates we meet demonstrate our values, of which inclusion is a core part.

Our Colleague Network Group members undertake important activities, helping to:

  • encourage new members to join in order to raise energy and awareness of inclusion both internally and externally;
  • support our Customer Journey Programme, to ensure CYBG meets the needs of all our customers;
  • create more opportunities for development, helping to shape our group;
  • support individuals who require guidance; and
  • raise money for local charities.

Our commitments to inclusion

We are committed to delivering our inclusion strategy to make CYBG a more inclusive business with a supportive culture and positive working environment. As part of our commitment, we are working with external partners who provide us with advice and support in the following areas.

As part of our Women in Finance Charter commitments:

When we signed up to the Charter in May 2017 we had 32.2% female representation in our Senior Management. As of August 2018 we had 39% female representation in senior management. We believe we have made good progress and are on track to meet our original Charter target of 40% females in senior management roles by our deadline of September 2020 and our long-term objective to achieve a 50:50 gender balance in senior management roles. Our ambitions could evolve in the future given that we have now completed our acquisition of Virgin Money which may impact on our ongoing reporting for Women in Finance purposes as we will need to calibrate our targets in the context of a revised starting point and ambition and our definition of Senior Leadership may change together with our longer term target.

  • We have established a sponsorship programme to develop more diverse leaders; and help cultivate a high performing inclusive culture where colleagues are able to develop in line with their potential.
  • We have asked participants to provide their feedback and insight on how we can strengthen and modernise our existing practices in relation to Flexible Working, Attendance and Family Friendly Policies and will continue to evolve our Employment Policies over the coming months.
  • We have formally linked executive reward to our inclusion targets.
  • We have transformed our performance management approach to encourage ongoing personal improvement, removing the risk of any gender bias
  • There is a desire to encourage hiring managers / instil controls for diverse short-lists and ensure there is a female on all interview panels.

Future Priorities

But we won’t stop there. We will continue to drive our inclusion strategy and have already committed to:

  • Reviewing our inclusion policies to make flexible working easy.
  • Reviewing our recruitment processes to ensure we are attracting, recruiting and meeting a diverse range of candidates.
  • Continuing our career sponsorship programme to develop a diverse pipeline of talent for those who are identified as being one to two years away from developing into senior manager roles.
  • Reviewing all key stages in a women’s career journey to ensure that their career paths are not disadvantaged.
  • Ensuring we capture and bring together the best of both from CYBG and Virgin Money.